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NewTek NDI IsoCorder Pro

If the content is king, you can get the key to the royal castle from any source when you record it. NewTek IsoCorder Pro does the permanent background recording of NDI ™ inputs, outputs and transmissions (including pure, isolated camera feeds from the TriCaster®) while the operator switches and adds effects to the live program. In short: With this application you have the user-friendly equivalent of entire racks full of expensive recording technology in your hand for little money.

Record everything on the network.

You can sit back and relax. Why? Because your programs and sources have already been recorded in TV quality and the files have been saved for immediate use in all video editing applications. In this way, productions succeed in no time at all. NewTek's IsoCorder technology is now NDI-enabled, so all live video sources on the network can be recorded. In addition, practically every non-linear editing application for Mac® and PC is supported without transcoding - so your live video production is ready for the studio right after recording.

With NewTek IsoCorder Pro, you can now record multiple live video sources and even inputs and outputs from other video systems on the network with embedded timecode. NewTek IsoCorder Pro supports recording and still image recording for up to 16 NDI sources and also offers professional color correction tools, 8-channel sound control, individual or group control of recording devices and supports 32-bit NDI sources with transparency.

Use your own hardware

Expand your recording capacity and protect more productions, media files and raw material with powerful source recording using the NDI protocol. Install this application on any workstation with a network connection to take multichannel ISO recordings from NDI sources. NewTek IsoCorder Pro encodes high-quality videos in QuickTime format (universally compatible with virtually all platforms and applications) and enables almost unlimited remote ISO recordings with your own connected storage media.

High quality, full resolution recordings for up to 16 channels, including support for alpha channel and channel-specific recording control

8-channel audio with channel-specific level control and headphone monitoring as well as VU meter overlays on the screen

Still image recording in high quality from all recording channels with motion-adaptive deinterlacing

Multiview monitoring with full field rate, support for work areas with two displays and configurable raster overlays, including VUs, title protection area, 4: 3 protection area, alpha channel checkerboard and center cross

Fully configurable color correction settings for recording channels, including white balance, proc amp control and automatic color correction

Integrated waveform and vectorscope displays enable real-time signal monitoring and correction

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