NewTek 3Play 425 HD Multichannel SlowMo 12243547

NewTek 3Play 425 HD Multichannel SlowMo 12243547

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NewTek 3PLAY 425 is the perfect instant replay server system for sports productions with four Live HD / SD inputs and 2 program outputs . 3PLAY is a compact and portable solution for instant replay and slow motion.

NewTek 3Play 425 works with six tracks, four inputs and two outputs. The recording is done with the help of NewTek's own IsoCorder technology, which provides simultaneous view, recording and instant playback of up to four video sources. The two outputs work independently and can transmit slow motion, a playlist or any kind of live input. A mode enables the synchronization of the 2 channels for the simultaneous transmission of 2 events.

The 3Play 425 also integrates the NewTek TriCaster via a network. The 3Play 425 and TriCaster connected in this way provide a complete, integrated solution for live sport productions with a small footprint.

main features

Record up to four live cameras at the same time

Playback from two completely independent channels at the same time

A slow motion playback without ghost effects

Multiple playlists with transitions, soundtracks, and more

Import and export function for a variety of popular file types

Full support for a wide range of video formats and frame rates

Multi-view monitor, including HUD

LTC support for synchronized live action

Always on air, multi-stage fail-safe system

2U rackmount system

Premium hardware control surface


Technical specifications

Project formats Genlock


1080 / 30p, 1080 / 24p, 1080 / 60i, 720 / 60p, 720 / 30p, 720 / 24p, 480 / 60i


1080 / 25p, 1080 / 50i, 720 / 50p, 720 / 25p, 576 / 25i


Lock HD or SD analog signals

Supports either tri-level or bi-level sync sources

Audio inputs Audio outputs

4 SDI Embedded

3 x 2 balanced 1/4 "

1 x 2 balanced XLR

2 SDI Embedded

1 x 2 balanced 1/4 "

1 x 2 balanced XLR

Video input Video output




Composite / Y / C (BNC)

HDMI output

Network outputs

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