Media Asset Management System and Archive

Media Asset Management System and Archive

Heart of EMS Products

Easy Net Control is a controller program to control all Easy Media Suite products.It provides an immensely wide application area. It gives the opportunity to control the Easy OnAir, Easy CG, Easy Ingest, Easy Stream simultaneously.

Easy OnAir Client

Easy Net Control is an interface application of Easy OnAir. Easy Automation Controller program is capable to lead one or more playout engine. Each playout can be controlled separately. Easy Automation Controller program supports two different playout brands which are EasyOnAir Playout and Omneon Playout. Automation system can work with either one playout or with multiple playout simultaneously.

Easy CG Client

Easy Net Control can be used as interface of Easy CG. Creation of Graphic templates and Control templates beside making change in these templates are possible by Easy NetControl. Multiple CG Servers can be controlled via single client server.

Easy Ingest & IP Encoder Client

Easy Net Control can be used as an interface of Easy Ingest in order to control multiple ingest stations via single user. beside, the Easy NetoControl Program can control the Easy IP Encoder.

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