Flexible For Different Operations

During a live show, users need to be able to record the event so that it can be used for editing, archiving or uploading to social media. All the customer requirements have been combined in Easy Ingest.

Stable for 24/7 Operations

Easy Ingest has 24/7 record capability. The split function helps divide files while recording and then for archive purposes the split file is automatically named and stored in an auto-created folder. Auto copy and garbage delete are operations that are performed by Easy Ingest software.

Any Input & Multiple Different Outputs

Easy Ingest can accept SD/HD SDI, Analogue, RTP/UDP, RTMP sources and record them in different resolutions and formats. Typically H264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-1, DV, DVCPro, and MXF formats and wrappers.

Standalone or Automation

Easy Ingest can be used as either a standalone application or as part of an automation process. It can be used for ingest automation. Multiple Easy Ingest stations can be controlled over TCP/IP by Easy NetControl to control all ingest applications by one control computer.

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