About Us

The definition of “Consulting “is giving a professional advice to somebody .This is what Pro Systems Ltd do, with more than 20 years’ experience on the Broadcast field, we are ready to share our experience and advises with any TV Channel, Post and Production Houses, Media Centers,OB Vans, Hotels, Universities, or any Customer who needs our professional opinion regarding Audio and Video and IT Technologies.

Our biggest aim is to understand our customer needs and to provide to them the most suitable solution for their needs, based on their requirements and their budget.


Pro Systems is a System Integration Company with more than 20 years of experience .Our team specializes in the fields of Broadcast and any Media Technology .Our strong point is , that we can integrate any system from A to Z , or just add the missing part of the already existing workflow .We have professional Team, they has experience in Broadcast Technology , ,Lightening ,Electricity ,Carpentry and Acoustics.

Project Management -for Pro Systems closing a sale , doesn’t mean closing the Project.After the the System Integration is some , this is where our real work start .We trained our customers , test together with them , support 24/7.We work together constantly to have a stable and professional system on Air .